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EyeScience® Dry Eye Formula – Auto Delivery, Save 10% + FREE Shipping!

$22.45 / month

Say Bye-Bye to Dry Eyes!

EyeScience® Dry Eye Formula softgels are a unique oral supplement that targets dry eyes from the inside out for systemic, continuous comfort.  EyeScience® Dry Eye Formula is a daily regimen that makes it easy to target your dry eye symptoms.

Save an additional 10% off + FREE Shipping with our Most Popular Monthly Auto Ship option. Subscription orders will automatically charge your credit card monthly. Orders are shipped each month to maintain continuous daily dosing as an individual bottle of 90 softgels. You may cancel at any time.

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Highest level of Omega 3’s to help:

  • improve tear production
  • seal moisture in for lasting comfort

Our Unique Advantage

Our formula works differently, in that it works from the inside of your eye to the outside, continuously addressing the underlying cause of occasional dry eye.


All EyeScience products are reviewed and approved by the EyeScience Scientific Team, which is comprised of a broad base of nationally and internationally recognized scientists and medical professionals.

Convenient Auto Shipments

When you purchase the EyeScience® Dry Eye Formula with the auto-delivery option, you can be assured that it will not only arrive to you on time but that you are giving your eyes the best chance for comfortable healthy vision. Your eyes will love you for it.

ProductEyeScience® Dry Eye Formula ™Thera Tears Nutrition® Omega-3 Supplement
ManufacturerEyeScience LabsAdvanced Vision Research®
Daily Dosage3 softgel capsules/day3 softgel capsules/day
Vitamin E
(as d-alpha tocopherol succinte)
50 I.U.183 I.U.
500mg EPA, 400mg DHA
450mg EPA, 300mg DHA
Vitamin C
(as ascorbic acid)
Vitamin B-6
(as pyridoxine HCI)
(as magnesium citrate)
Mixed tocopherol concentrate including gamma tocopherol20mg
Do I really need a vitamin supplement if I have a healthy diet?2019-11-26T20:11:52-05:00

If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms and you are already eating a healthy diet, your diet may not be providing sufficient quantities of the nutrients that are recommended to help relieve dry eye symptoms. The research on dry eye supplementation reveals that a combination of nutrients that may be most beneficial towards relieving dry eye from the inside out.

Isn’t my multi-vitamin supplement good enough?2019-07-31T01:39:15-04:00

Most multi-vitamin supplements don’t include all of the recommended nutrients for the treatment of Dry Eye. The EyeScience® Dry Eye Formula Advanced Ocular Vitamin was formulated to include specific nutrients like Omega-3, flaxseed oil, lactoferrin and others proven to be effective in the latest ocular research.

If I already take a multivitamin, can I take the supplement as well?2019-07-31T01:39:38-04:00

EyeScience® Dry Eye Formula, an advanced ocular vitamin, is designed to compliment a multivitamin regimen. Because multivitamin formulas vary, it is good health practice to consult with your doctor regarding the compatibility of all your medication and vitamin supplements.

When do I need to start taking the supplement?2019-07-31T01:40:04-04:00

If you find that behavioral modifications and eye drops are not proving to be effective in relieving your dry eye symptoms, talk with your eye care professional about the potential benefits from nutritional supplementation.

Complete nutrition for healthy vision

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