5 tips to reduce eye strain at the office More often than not, working in an office means that you spend over 2 hours a day sending emails. While this is a common occurrence for millions of Americans, and many times unavoidable depending on your job duties, all that time in front of a computer screen has left a large percentage of people with eyestrain and other complications with their vision. This doesn’t necessarily put you at risk for permanent damage but symptoms of strained eyes (think red or dry eyes, headaches, and fatigue) can really throw a wrench in your workday.  To help reduce eye strain at the office, follow these 5 suggested tips:

Make routine eye exams a priority

Having your eyes checked regularly should be number one on your priority list for proactively addressing eyestrain. Not only will a comprehensive eye exam ensure your proper prescription strength, but you’ll also be up to date on your eye’s health which will give you a chance you catch anything suspicious before things get serious. Be sure to talk with your eye doctor about how often you use a computer everyday.

Give your eyes regular breaks

Just because your computer is wired to work non-stop doesn’t mean that you are. Taking a short break every 20 minutes is one of the best things you can do to prevent eyestrain aside from getting your regular exams. Take a few minutes to get up and stretch, walk around your cubicle or go talk to a co-worker. If those aren’t feasible options during your workday, try following the 20-20-20 rule. This means that every 20 minutes you stare away from your computer for 20 seconds at something 20 feet away. Easy enough, right?

Find ways to reduce the glare on your computer screen

Reducing the glare on your computer screen will help you focus and help eliminate the need to squint. While the amount of change you’re able to enforce in your workspace can vary depending on office setting there are a couple of small things you can do to reduce harsh reflections. If at all possible modify the lighting in the room, too much lighting can irritate the eye where too little causes the eye to strain, so try and find a happy medium that suits you. You can also reduce glare by adjusting the contrast and brightness of your monitor. Lastly, there are anti-glare screens available for purchase that will help reduce the glare from outside light or overly bright fluorescents.

Ensure that your computer screen is at the right position

The position of your computer is a lot more important than you may be aware of. Having your computer screen tilted or at an angle can cause unnecessary strain not only to your eyes but to your neck and shoulders as well. In order to reduce the risk of straining your eyes make sure your monitor is at least an arms length away and positioned directly in front of you. It should also be 4 to 8 inches below your eyes so that you’re looking down at your computer, never up, which will leave less surface area of your eye exposed and keep your neck from getting sore. Adjust the text and screen display size to something that is comfortable for you to read without straining your eyes or hunching over.

Utilize vitamins for your eyes

The EyeScience® Computer Eye Strain Formula is an advanced ocular supplement to help reduce eye strain and eye fatigue from the inside out. Our unique formula uses specific nutrients that have been found to be effective in relieving eye strain.

These days, it seems nearly impossible to spend time away from a computer or mobile screen.  Remember that your eyes weren’t designed for long periods of time spent behind these devices.  Make sure to take frequent breaks from your monitors, adjust your screens accordingly, and give your eyes the care they deserve!